Marriage coaching that will change your life!

so you can have the marriage you really want

Turn It Up Coaching: Couple Taking a Selfie, courtesy of Pexels

Stop arguing

Marriage coaching that will change your life!

so you can have the marriage you really want

Turn It Up Coaching: Couple Taking a Selfie, courtesy of Pexels

Start talking

Marriage coaching that will change your life!

so you can have the marriage you really want

Turn It Up Coaching: Couple Taking a Selfie, courtesy of Pexels

Solve problems

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As your coach, Kelly will guide you to get you where you want to go.

Kelly is a Coach Training Alliance certified coach

Kelly is a SYMBIS certified facilitator

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I help married couples who are drifting apart reconnect so they can have the kind of marriage they really want.

Meet some people he’s coached

Maria Acosta
Maria AcostaNutritionist

The coaching we have received from Kelly DuPée has been the best investment we have made in our marriage. His faith and God centered suggestions and tools have helped us get through a very difficult time in our marriage. I would recommend his coaching to anyone going through a difficult time in their life or relationship.

Steve Orozco
Steve OrozcoRealtor

My marriage was getting off track. Kelly not only has taken his time to listen to me and give me honest feedback, he has helped me discover tools that I use now to be a better husband and father. He has helped me look further in myself and the changes I can make to be a better partner. This has changed my life and marriage.

Eric Wood
Eric WoodAthletic Director

Kelly is an outstanding leader and his knowledge and skill helps everyone he comes in contact with. Through his many experiences Kelly is a proven life coach who can help anyone in need or who just want a little guidance.

Nancy Zybala
Nancy ZybalaClinical Supervisor

Kelly is a master at helping a person to explore deep issues with finesse and a biblical perspective. Every opportunity I have to work with Kelly I leave refreshed and confident that I will be victorious! His services are an investment!

Ken & Joana Tang
Ken & Joana Tang

We found ourselves in a place where we were having the same argument over and over again. The arguing created distance in our relationship. We both knew we needed help with the way we communicate with each other. So we sought out help and found Pastor Kelly.

He was really a blessing from God. He taught us a toolset we could use to show how much we loved each other by listening more effectively. We're so glad we took the time and steps needed to nurture our marriage.

Turn it up Marriage Coaching

At Turn it up Marriage Coaching we know you are the kind of person who wants to be happily married for life. For that to happen, you need to maintain a strong connection with your spouse. The problem is that over time many couples drift apart and don’t know how to reconnect. This creates numerous conflicts and makes you feel disconnected, unloved, and unappreciated in your marriage.

I believe that this is not God’s plan for you, your spouse, and your marriage. I understand the fear, frustration, anger, and feelings of helplessness that you are dealing with. That’s why I provide marriage coaching and have developed easy to use tools that will help you fix this problem. Here is how it works:

STEP 1: Schedule a call

Schedule a complementary discovery call and:
• Learn what coaching is and why it is so effective
• Gain a fresh perspective on the challenges you face
• Renew your hope that things can get better

STEP 2: Get help

Get the help you need in your coaching sessions:
• Learn new communication tools you can use
• Solve the problems you are facing right now
• Discover how to have a great marriage

STEP 3: Enjoy your marriage

• Communicate more effectively
• Strengthen your connection
• Solve problems together
• Grow closer to each other
• Have fun!

Schedule a free discovery call

So act now. This will not fix itself.

Admit you need help and schedule a complementary discovery call, so you can stop damaging your marriage, drifting further apart and eventually calling it quits. Then you can start communicating better, reconnecting with each other, and enjoying the marriage that you really want to have and that God wants you to have.

Rev. Andy Bales
Rev. Andy BalesPresident & CEO

United Rescue Mission

When I read TURN IT UP! by Kelly DuPée my intentional love and behavior toward my beautiful incredible wife of 42 years increased and our relationship improved. Pages 10 and 11 provided enough positive information and wisdom to make the purchase worthwhile for an opportunity to dial up the love in a good relationship, and perhaps save a struggling marriage. I cannot thank you enough Kelly, for this timely much needed book.

Dan Reeve
Dan ReeveLead Pastor

Faith Church

If you want to think differently about how to strengthen, grow and foster a healthy marriage, this book is for you. I would encourage couples to read it with an open heart and open mind.

If you are not growing together, you will grow apart. Make the investment into your marriage with TURN IT UP! Your relationship will be far richer for it. All In!

Keith Hershey
Keith HersheyFounder

Mutual Faith Ministries

Pastor Kelly DuPée is a gift to the body of Christ, his community, and our world! I have known Pastor Kelly for over 20 years and have the utmost respect for his commitment to others and the ministry he exhibits to those he serves.

His book, TURN IT UP! is a great example of his wisdom, which is dispensed in a way that can be utilized in practical relational applications. I highly recommend TURN IT UP! to you, as you will find the needed ingredients you can apply in your own marriage, as well as other relationships, which will bring added value and blessing in your world.

Lt. Tony Cortina
Lt. Tony CortinaWest Covina Police Department

Pastor Kelly’s Book TURN IT UP! is a how to guide to achieving a lasting happy and successful marriage or relationship. Whether you need to improve a troubled marriage or want to maintain an already great relationship, TURN IT UP! is a no-nonsense guide guaranteed to lead you to making positive changes in marriages and relationships. With faith in God as a foundation, Pastor Kelly emphasizes the importance of building and strengthening a good connection with your spouse or significant other and prescribes five easy to understand and effective steps on making positive and lasting effects to any marriage. As a 25-year law enforcement veteran, this book has helped me identify some simple but important steps that I can take to maintain my own marriage.

Helpful Tools

Ask the Connection Question

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Stop telling your spouse what to do!

Here’s a marriage tip – stop telling your spouse what to do! Do you have the bad habit of telling your spouse what to do? In my marriage coaching, I’ve noticed that a lot of couples tell each other what to do. They give orders and commands to each other like, “go to the store …

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Bad news do not get better with time. On the contrary, if unattended, relationships can go sour quickly. So there is no time to spear. The
sooner you act, the faster you can turn your marriage around.

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