Turn It Up Coaching: Kelly DuPée speaking

At Turn It Up! Coaching I help married couples who are drifting apart reconnect so they can have the kind of marriage they really want. I do this by providing coaching and creating resources that build strong marriages.

Hi, I’m Kelly.

Just like you, I have several roles in my life. I’m a husband, Dad, Grandpa, Pastor, Police Chaplain, Marriage Coach but most importantly a follower of Jesus Christ.  I have been married to my wife, Carrie for over thirty years and we’ve been blessed with a son, daughter, son in law and two grandkids.  I love to be with my family, read, play golf , swim laps and ride my bike.

Kelly DuPée

I’m a Coach Training Alliance certified coach

I’m a SYMBIS certified facilitator

Our Story

I am honored to be serving as one of the pastors at Faith Church in West Covina, where I have served for over thirty years. I am also honored to serve as a Chaplain at the West Covina Police Department. For more information about our department, check out this link: 2020 WCPD Annual Review (calameo.com)

Even after being married for almost 30 years and helping hundreds of people over the years as a pastor and chaplain, our marriage went through an incredibly difficult test that almost split us apart. Carrie and I found ourselves on different pages and divided over how to respond to a challenge in our family. Not only were we drifting apart, the gap between us was getting wider. We realized we needed help and reached out to various sources.

Our Lessons

My wife and I learned many valuable lessons like listening better and seeking to understand each other’s concerns instead of trying to persuade or convince each other to see things differently. Eventually the storm passed and we rebuilt our relationship and repaired the trust that had been damaged.

We learned to forgive, trust God more, be vulnerable, validate each other’s thoughts and feelings and to find common ground on which to build our connection. These are just some of the lessons that I want to share with others whose marriages are struggling.

Reconciling with your husband or wife can be your story too.

I am passionate about helping couples turn their marriages around because I have personally felt the pain of a marriage in crisis. I have also seen firsthand the pain that comes to a family when there is a divorce. I’d rather be on top of the cliff helping people turn around than at the bottom with an ambulance taking them to the hospital.

Drifting apart?

Most marriages don’t end because of unfaithfulness! Rather, many married couples gradually drift apart over time or encounter challenges that divide them. Many couples don’t know how to fix this.  If this is not corrected, either the marriage will end or the couple will continue to live together unhappily.

By providing coaching to individuals and couples and teaching relationship tools live and through books, videos and articles, I help married couples who are drifting apart reconnect so that they can have the marriage they really want.

I will post once a week and welcome not only your comments on my posts, but also your questions. I hope that God will use me to encourage you and equip you to experience all He has for you.  To make sure you don’t miss a post, please subscribe via email.


You can contact me at kelly@nullturnitup.coach and please follow me on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn as Kelly DuPée and on Twitter @kellydupee.