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I have compiled a list of resources that represent the best help for me and my marriage, as well as resources I know have made a difference in many others throughout my many years of experience as coach, pastor, and counselor.

Make sure you get the most out of these by diving into them with an open mind and heard, and a willingness to put to action what you learn.

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Everything is great when you’re in love! But life has a way of turning that down. You start drifting apart, conflicts arise, you get busy with other things, and then you realize the quality of your connection and the closeness you once experienced has diminished. Some couples call it quits and walk away. But you can do something about this.

You can TURN IT UP! and revive your relationship or marriage. TURN IT UP! will give you five commitments to make and five skills to learn that will teach you how to strengthen your connection and grow closer to each other again. When you turn it up regularly, you really can have the kind of marriage you want and have it last a lifetime.

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Healing the hurt in your marriage

Healing the hurt in your marriage - do you know how? If you are feeling pain in your marriage, there is a reason for your pain. The pain is telling ...you something is wrong that needs to be addressed.

Coach Kelly, a pastor, police chaplain, and marriage coach discusses emotional hurt in marriages and how to heal it. The episode highlights five main steps; acknowledging the pain, confronting the person who caused the hurt, seeking external assistance if necessary, forgiving the person, and choosing to rebuild the relationship. Coach Kelly also takes a faith-based approach, encouraging couples to pray and ask for God's wisdom. Beyond this, he emphasizes the importance of understanding that healing from emotional pain in a marriage does not mean returning to the way things were before the hurt occurred. Instead, it's about letting go of the pain and moving forward in the relationship.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:48 Understanding the Pain in Your Marriage
02:07 The Role of Pain in Relationships
03:23 Steps to Heal the Hurt in Your Marriage
05:44 The Power of Forgiveness in Healing
06:50 Choosing to Rebuild and Restore Trust
07:59 The Importance of Seeking Professional Help
08:47 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
09:11 Closing Remarks and Resources

To get a free digital copy of his book, go to http://www.turnitup.coach/75
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